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Because of who and what I am, I'm not about to charge outrageous prices for web design. Many design companies will not even post their prices, because of the nature of the work: if you don't know how long it will take, it is hard to put a price tag on it. That's not very helpful for someone comparing web designing prices, though!

Instead of leaving the price unknown, it is fairly common for designing companies to have "packages." These packages are generally priced fairly reasonably, as low as $250 or $300 for a "basic" site... yet this "basic" site may have 3 to 5 pages, a few images, and not much more than that. That may work for someone that wants essentially a really pretty newspaper ad online, but it may be nice to be able to choose exactly what you want without gettting charged an arm and a leg because it isn't included in your "package!"

Some decide to charge an hourly fee; perhaps this is better than no price listing at all, but this presents the buyer with a little bit of a problem: what if the person is just slow, or gets stuck, and is charging per-hour for something that is his own fault? Furthermore, the charge per hour is usually fairly hefty, usually exceeding $70/hr.

Well, I have come to the conclusion that all of the approaches have problems, but all three together might work better. I don't have my prices divided up in packages or anything like that. Instead, it's a pretty simple list; if you'd like a more detailed explanation of the price/fee, just click it.

Ellsworth Website Design Services

  • Initial base price: $200.
    This is simply a flat, initial price for any website I make. To be honest, this simply provides some form of income even if I'm only hired to, say, put a few pages up; a lot of extra work goes into the initial startup (getting a host and setting an account up, setting up the domain, etc) that is covered in this fee, as well as some of the site work itself (see next pricing).
  • Basic site building: $35/hr
    This covers all the basic site building: HTML, CSS, Javascript, images, image editing, etc. Basically, nothing really fancy like server-side scripting, database managements, and those sorts of things. The first 3 hours are free, however - included in the initial base price.
  • Advanced site building: $50/hr.
    This includes more advanced functions, like PHP-driven pages, database management, etc. For example, setting up a members-only section, or something of that nature.

Unavoidable Expenses

The following are fees that you should know of, because you would end up paying them. They are basic fees that any website will have to pay, but I thought it would be nice to give an idea of what it will cost. These can vary, depending on who they are purchased through.

  • Domain Name: $7/yr
    This is the registration fee, which is yearly, for a domain name. There are a variety of online registrars, and the price varies a lot, but figure between $6 and $10.
  • Website Host: $70/yr
    The website host is the company that acutally owns the servers and internet connections that your website will be hosted on. These, again, vary greatly in price, depending on the features, reliability, and freedom given. $70/yr is a good, low to mid ranged estimate.

My Guarantee

Because of the changing market, you may be able to find a better price, a better deal, etc. If you think you found one, just tell me, and I will definitely try to meet or beat that. I honestly do not think you can find a better hourly price for custom work such as this, however. But if you can, I very cordially invite you to let me know!


So, now that you've read the prices, maybe you're thinking you'd like these services. Just e-mail me! Let me know what you're looking for, what you want it for, what you want it to do, etc., and I will be very glad to talk with you!

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