Ellsworth Web Design Services


Here are a few examples of fairly recent work by Ellsworth Website Design Services.

Moral Celery
Moral Celery is the personal blog of Paul Ellsworth. It is powered by WordPress in the backend, but much of the frontend design was put together by Paul himself. Careful, it is somewhat entertaining!

Ellsworth Creations Music
This is the music page for Paul Ellsworth... the composer side of him! This page will likely be updated fairly often with new music, especially as he expands his existing music listing with sample pages and MP3s, as well as PayPal buying information!

LLUmedschool.com a student-organized site for Loma Linda University School of Medicine class of 2007. There is a lot of medical school information on it that will likely not interest you; however, it is interesting to note that this site uses Joomla, an open-source content management system, in order for a non-computer-addict to more easily manage the content of the site - hence "content management" system!